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 Baking Basic  

Chapter 1: The Full Story

It started with butter....

If that made you smile then you've made it to a safe and happy place!

Our belief is; if it's not made with love, if it's not made from scratch then it's not from the Sweet Shop. Our company started out baking cupcakes but not just any cupcakes, they are pound cake based cupcakes and three of them weighed a pound. Hence the name "Baked by the Pound Sweet Shop".


We maintain the standard of "fresh", and that means everything that goes into what we bake is selected by hand. The recipes for our products go through many stages before we present them to you, every ounce is measured, every flour is tested, and every egg is cracked by hand. We are a hands on team, it means something to us to be able to create the product and personally present it to you. 






At the core we've never strayed from the quality or service that made us your neighborhood bakery. What started out as a place to just get cupcakes, is now the place that delivers a variety of sweet treats to your office parties and corporate /private events.

So if your craving our cheesecakes, classic cakes, cookies, pies, and more. We're here to serve you one dessert at a time. 

"Sweet & Simple is what we do!"

Chapter 2: Here and Now

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